Empowering Autistic Girls and Women


 World Autism Day 2015


Thank You for taking the time to visit our updated website .

We are launching this site to celebrate World Autism Day

Keep checking back as we will be posting regular news updates and articles

The Awe project is a peer lead project for Autistic Women around the UK

Founded by women who have  lived with a spectrum condition themselves or they have raised a child on the spectrum.

We have formed to raise awareness and to embrace and showcase the gifts and talents of women on the spectrum .

We have come together for one reason and that is  to empower all women no matter what there place on the spectrum .

We are just Autistic Women who are reaching out to others who know and understand and together we are developing circles of support .


Autistic Butterfly
The AWE PROJECT on Facebook
The AWE Project are on a mission to empower the Autistic Woman.
We will be documenting the difficulties that  Autistic Women face and will aim to find answers to the questions that arise .
Would love it if you would join us and share your experiences of receiving a diagnosis and support services  post diagnosis
www.facebook.com/Autistic Womens Empowerment Project
Contact Us 

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